You have health goals - We have the resources and knowledge to help you. If your in pain we can deliver.  However and whenever you need to come in, we've got you covered. Too good to be true?

Check out all our convenient hours  and special Wellness Days that we offer:

  •     Private Consultations
  •     Massage (Referred  out)
  •     Routine Adjustment
  •     Car Accidents/Personal Injury Cases
  •     E-Stim Therapies
  •     Low Volt E-Stim   
  •     Diabetic Neuropathy E-Stim        
  •     Kinesio-Taping onsite   
  •     Heel and Bone Spur Correction 
  •     Rehabilitation for Sport 
  •     Certified Sports Practitioner
  •     Certified Medical Examiner D.O.T. Physicals 
  •     Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing
  •     Spinal Axial Decompression        
  •     Trigger Point Therapy
  •     Activator Techniques   
  •     Gonstead Techniques
  •     Diversified and Cox Techniques
  •     Maintenance Wellness Visits Available
  •    Sports Physicals Onsite/Offsite
  •     X-Ray Onsite           
  •     Medicare Provider
  •     Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider
  •    Aetna Provider
  •     UHC Provider   
  •     Humana Provider, Plus more       

What we offer you